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Week12: 5/3/10

day activity assignment

Last minute review: SEE HERE


  • Recursion
  • Static Variables
  • List interface
  • private methods/variable in super class
  • 2d arrays
  • @param @return
  • comments
  • super method calls
  • package concept
  • exception concept
  • Integer/Double class
  • \\ \" \n

Sample questions

tues AP Test - GOODLUCK  
wed Parents info  

AP survey

Final options survey



Week11: 4/26/10

day activity assignment





Read and do mc from book p25-56


AP2004 review MC FR

Gridworld-4 (exercises 1-6)

quiz on reading

Read 61-68,85-89 AP2007FR4

quiz tomorrow



Quiz 26, Gridworld sample fr1

FREE RESPONSE p212/q3, p179/question4
thurs TEST 6  
frid review test6  

Week10: 4/12/10

day activity assignment

10 minutes on Gridworld2(exc1-4),


Abstract classes, example,

HW 7

finish Gridworld2(exc1-4) for hw


Quiz 23, Polymorphism , quiz24

Review how they need to know gridworld

Gridworld 3 (do sets3-6 [to be emailed/collected)
wed Group Test finish Group Test

Towers of Hanoi,

Intro to recursion - story



recursive functions

Review recursion, Compound Probability

javabat competition


Take home test


Week9: 4/5/10

day activity assignment
mon SUB  
tues Sub day - javabat - DO 4 of Array3 and 4 of AP1, do tomorrow - GRADED AS 16 point quiz (2 each) -> You can work together.  
wed Roleplay, Read Section 7.0,7.1,some 7.2, p392-403, quiz tom
thurs Quiz20 Inheritance, quiz21, quiz20a

Read AP review book pg 1-23

Quiz tomorrow on pages 1-2

There are 15 AP questions (with answers). Please keep track of how many you get right from each of the 3 sections.


quiz22, Review quiz20a [gridworld appendix]

Inheritance warmup,

gridworld install, Gridworld2(exc1-4),

APFR2009- do #3


Week8: 4/5/10

day activity assignment

In groups of two, do AP questions


HW6b - On paper - p388/a and b.

Used Car lot,

Integer class


Finish and submit Used Car lot,


wed ArrayList, Test3 review HW 6c
thurs Quiz 17, real quiz17, ArrayList Activity , Used Car Lot-2, EXTRA CREDIT
frid Test  

Week7: 3/22/10

day activity assignment
mon Jeopardy, Players Finish -Players
tues Review FR2009-1, Review players, Finish Jeopardy,, HW6a/p381/SHORT ANSWER 1,3,5,6, p383 - Programming 1,4 -(start with this code if you like),
wed Search and sort in Arrays Read 6-2- quiz tomorrow (you will need to implement a binary search)
thurs Quiz16b,  
frid Search and sort in Arrays  


Week6: 3/15/10

day activity assignment
mon APFR3, TF Review (a few questions we did not cover, but I kept anyway b/c they are interesting answers at the end). Study by reviewing Self-review at the end of chpt 3,4,5 (with the answers at the end)
tues test2


You can submit up to 10 times. If you do it, this score will be worth 1/3 and your real test will be worth 2/3 of your mc portion.

wed review test2, interfaces, compareTo, read 6.0,6.1
thurs Quiz16, array notes, array activities, retake quiz if you want
frid review HW (in particular returning array), 2d Arrays, Quiz16a, FR2009-1 finish FR2009-1


Week5: 3/8/10

day activity assignment
mon activity HW read 5.0, 5.1 quiz tomorrow
tues Quiz13, Static notes, Quiz14, Accounts2 - do 1 and 2, try 3
wed Accounts 2 - continued  
thurs interface powerpoint, String sort,Quiz 15, HW5
frid Interface Activity HW5b - review test Finish encryption


Week5: 3/1/10

day activity assignment
mon Review quiz11, quiz11a, Classes, quiz12 HW4 look up any answer you dont know
tues Accounts and dice due THURSDAY resubmit - HW4 if you like, Ill take highest score out of 2 submits.


Working in groups, complete AP fr1 (p255) (p1, p2), Submit to sub on paper your solution.

If time: finish dice (it is due tom)


As to cybersecurity, our practice round will be Thurs after school.

Accounts and dice
thurs Student Grades  
frid APFR 2005-4,

HW4b - p248/Short Answer;

4.1-4.5; 4.9,4.11, 4.22


Week4: 2/22/10

day activity assignment
mon Test 1 Analyze Test1Analyze due tomorrow
tues quiz10, , quiz 10a, Loops, for assignments Finish for loops
wed Review test1, Javabat- Logic 2 (do 6 - counts as a HW due Monday) hw3,
thurs notes on methods, , dice methods  
frid quiz11, Javabat- Logic 2 (do 6 - counts), String 3 (do 4) as a HW due Monday)  


Week3: 2/8/10

day activity assignment
mon Review HW, submit proj, String Activity2 Finish String Activity2
tues Math Class, Quiz7a, Quiz8, Math activities, Math activities
wed Scanner, Activity 4 Read 3.2-3.3
thursConditional, Quiz9 , review of Test, more review Test 1 tomorrow
frid TEST1  


Week2: 2/1/10

day activity assignment
mon Quiz4, powerpoint on objects, Intro to Gridworld, read chpt 2-2, quiz5
tues Quiz5, Variables and primitive types, Quiz6  
wed Quiz6b, Activity 1 - Primitive Data Activity 1 - Primitive Data due Fri
thurs Strings, Strings, quiz7 Eclipse install instructions HW2



Week1: 1/21/10

day activity assignment
mon Course outlines for AP Computer Science, Intro, expectations, sample ap questions, survey Read Chpt 1.0, 1.1(digital, bits)
tues Quiz1 Hardware lesson - students create powerpoints on different hardware components, Quiz1a Read chpt 1.2 (networking), finish presentation
wed Quiz2, review Bases, Quiz1b, presentations, intro to programming (with eclipse?), Read chpt 1.3, quiz3
thurs Quiz3, chpt 1-3, comp languages, chpt 1-4 HW 1
frid Roleplay activity, objects and classes, playing with blueJ chpt 2.0,2.1, quiz4