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Quiz 15 - interfaces



1. Interfaces differ from classes because:

their methods must be void

their methods are just signatures with no implemention

their methods must be declared private

their methods must be static

2. True or false: Interfaces can be instantiated, just like classes. true false

3. True or false: All of the methods that are listed in an interface must be declared in a class that implements the interface. true false

4. What is the proper way to declare an interface:

public interface MyInterface

public class MyInterface

public MyInterface

public interface class MyInterface


5. Which is the only interface you need to be familiar with for the AP? (hint it starts with at C and ends with able)


KeyListener Comparable CompareTo ListIterator


6. Interfaces are like:

blueprints (you have the methods described) contracts - you must have certain requirements (methods) a black box (you dont need to know how the methods work) a box of candy(you never know what you are going to get)