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Quiz 11 -methods



1. A synonym of arguments is:

return type method header variables parameters

2. True or false: You can only call a method if it is defined in the class you are using: true false

3. True or false: A void return type means that the method will return a blank String. true false

4. In the following code fragment, what will result:

public void findChar (String theWord)
    char the5Letter=theWord.charAt(4);
	return the5Letter;


compile time error - you cant have a 5 in a variable

compile time error - return type are inconsistent

compile time error - we cant have a String as a parameter

it returns the 5th letter of the word


5. True or false: Once a method is finished, ALL local variables in that method are destroyed.

true false


6. In the class called PacMan, the proper constructor header could be:

I. public PacMan ()

II. public void PacMan()

III. public PacMan (String name)


I only II only III only I and III only All could work


7. The process of using the same name for a method but different signature is called:

overloading constuctors overclocking decompisition none of the above

8. Looking at the code:

public void doSomething(int x)
public void doSomething(double x)

What will happen if doSomething (5.0) is called?

a is printed out b is printed out compile time error (you cant have 2 methods named the same run time error - it will compile but on running it will stop none of the above