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Strings are objects; and they have methods that you can use on them. Here is the api (Application programming interface) explaining the methods.

I'm tired of talking. Instead you will all do the talking. Each of you, in groups of two are going to make a quick example in eclipse explaining one of the methods from the String class.

Each group must code a relevant example. Maybe create a class with the method

Add to this google presentation.
public void testMyStringMethod (String sentString)

Comment clearly what the methods does,how you use it and show its use.

The methods on the AP are:

  • compareTo(String str)
  • equals(String str)
  • indexOf (String str)
  • length
  • substring(int begin, int end)
  • substring(int begin)

Those not on the AP but that are relevant are:


Some starter code:

    public class StringPractice {

	public static void main(String[] args) {
			String name="Gianni";
		  //your example goes here