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Test#1 Review



Chpt 1,2,3 excluding section we did not cover (ie 2.10, 3.6)




  • binary
  • comments
  • reserved words
  • types of errors


  • objects vs primitivce
  • primitive data types
  • Strings
    • length()
    • equals
    • compareTo
    • substring (int begin)
    • substring(int begin, int end)
  • ++, +=, ...
  • Math class
    • random
    • pow
    • abs
    • sqrt
  • import statement and packages

Chpt 3:

  • if else statements
  • &&, || and !
  • comparing Strings (compareTo)
  • comparing doubles and ints
  • for, while loops

The test will be both short answer:

Long answer (generally write psuedocode). In psuedocode- 

2. Write a method called double findPosAvg(int x, int y, int z) that will find the average of the absolute values of x, y, and z and return that value.

3. Write a method called public double convertToFahr (int celsius) that will convert the temperature in celsisu to fahr. If it is below 32 it will prints "its cold' if its above 32 but below 60 it will says "thats mild" if its above 60 but below 85 it will print "thats nice" if its higher than 85 it will print "thats too hot". It will then return the converted temperature (the formula for conversion is fahr = 9/5celsius + 32

4. Write a method boolean isPrime(int x) that will return true if the number is prime, false otherwise. [this might be extra credit as requires for loops]

5. Write a method void cheer (string word) that will take a word (say apple)

and print "Give me an a!

Give me p!

Give me p!

Give me l!

Give me e!