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Week1: 1/21/20

day activity assignment

Course outlines for AP Computer Science, Intro, ,survey

sample 2009 ap questions , fr, quiz0,

Card sorting activity:

1. The cards start face down on the table
2. The instructions must be for only one person.
3. The person moving the cards can only have one card in each hand at any point (i.e. s/he can only look at the values of two cards)
4. The instructions can't require that the person remember the value of a card once they put it down. You can however use the space on the table however you like.


wed expectations
(to sign with academic honesty)

Required labs

review Bases

Practice with Bases

Ascii activity table



Read Chpt 1.0, 1.1(digital, bits) - quiz1

redo if you need to Binary quiz1b


Get course requirement sheet signed.

Extra Credit - find the passwords


chpt 1-3, quiz3,

chpt 1-4 quiz3a

playing with eclipse intro

Download Eclipse and finish picture



Roleplay activity, objects and classes, playing with blueJ

Roleplay source and questions - submit to borlaj@portlandschoo..... with subject: Roleplay

  1. Create instances (or try) of each class.  Which can you not create instances of?
  1. In Dice, what method can you call directly?
  1. How did I make that method callable directly?
  1. In DancingAcrobat look at the code, which variable do you access which is not defined in that class. 
  1. In DancingAcrobat, temporarily comment out the act method, what is the error?
  1. Why do you think the error appears?
  1. Where is it defined?
  1. In Juggler, there are 2 juggle methods, what is the difference?
  1. What data structure do I use in AudienceDirector and why?
  1. Using the answer above as reference, if I wanted to create the same data structure for a String, how would the code look?
  1. Notice in Producer how I declared the spinning and dancing acrobat.  What type of variable are they known as?
  1. Using your memory, what were some of the differences from the code here from our actual roleplay (they are small)

You can use your book on both quizzes

chpt 2.0,2.1, quiz4

read chpt2.2 (quiz5 on this)