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Final Projects




Electronic Projects:

Fireflies - Courtney - update

Robocar - Lukas

Mario - Augustin


Java Fall

Ball Falling (Charlie and Gus)

DodgeBlock 1 player (Aaron)

DodgeBlock 2 player (Logan)

Dots (Courtney and David)[only works in IE]

DougBall (Brian)

FloodIt (Dom and Kevin)

GoodSpeed (Mulumba and Jesse)

Spaceship (Matt)

Calculator (Vlad)



Undead Armaggedon (Peter,CJ,Kyle, and Jason)

Spaceship (Dillon, Dejan and Jean)

Risk (Ethan Mack)

Ambush (Andy Li and David Wells)




Peter - Alien Invasion (winner of Most Impressive)

Cody and Lizzie - Key Tap Revenge

Chris and Kyle - Tower Defense (winner of Visually most appealling)

John Hammond - Arm Tattoo

Will Curley - Memory

Jason and Ilias - Yellow Submarine

Dillon and Dejan - Block Game

Yonis and Francis - Sharp Shooter (winner of Most Fun/Best Idea)




Colby and Nick - Helicopter Game

Keleigh - Senioritis

Anna - Connect 4

Adam - Kirby (winner of Best Visual)

David and Andy - Shooter (winner of Most Impressive)

Chang - Board Game (winner of Best Idea/Most Fun)

Taylor and Kevin - Hangman

Alex and CJ - Worm

Bilal and Theo - Berzerk



Here are some of the final projects that from Fall 2006.




A day in life of Borland - Dom (it is huge -140megs)




Crowley's Alice Project

PacMan - Tony

StickFighter (anthony, derrick, mike)

Tetris - Guido

Gradius - Kirby

MetalSlug - Kevin, Peter

Operation Overlord -

Samurai Showdown - Dom, Dylan

Kirbio - Matt, Will, Eric



Doom- Josh Bierman and Nicholas Chandler

Diver-Kenny Reese

Asteroids -Randy and