Intro to Computer Programming

Week8: 3/20/23

day activity assignment
mon warmup: Loops (for exceeds do nested loops instead)
: I can understand the importance of repetition statements (loops)

Loops - notes
4-2 starter
App Lab Assignments start 4-2 Fun Loops
tues Objective: I can write loops to find totals of lots of numbers
Loops video
Fun Loops Game
Text coding Tuesday 1,2. Exceeds 3,4,5
Finish 4-2
App Lab Assignmentsa> finish 4-2 Fun Loops
Pong in GameLab  
thurs Pong in GameLab  
fri Legos  

Week7: 3/13/23

day activity assignment
mon welcome back - MadLibs (using autocrat)
Strings - practice problems
starter code for some String stuff
App Lab Assignments start 4-1
tues snow day  
impact -self driving car dilemma
String kahoot
Strings - practice problems
notes on doing  4-1 email creator
App Lab Assignments finish and submit 4-1
thurs Typing Thursday -  warmup (login first)
String function together, 1,2,exceeds 3,4,5
GameLab: (example) G2-Notes
Gamelab assignments -start G2
fri GameOn Friday
work on G2-Notes
If done early - improve Lego Hopper
Exceeds: Text Coding Do 5 from String-1
Gamelab assignments -finish G2


Week6: 3/6/23

day activity assignment
mon Gamelab Presentation
Random examples
Quick demo
Video on Sprite
Lesson on sprites
Gamelab assignments -start G1
warmup text meets1, meets2, exceeds, harder exceeds (example for exceeds)
Objective - I can handle user input (through the keyboard) in my applications
Keyboard Input (example)
Quick demo
G1- Space Invaders
Gamelab assignments -finish and submit G1
Objective: I understand functions and can write my own
Songs (worksheet) Notes


Together - intro to Applab 3-2

  • ball going down
  • screenwrap
App Lab Assignments
Start 3-2
thurs Typing Thursday -  warmup (login first)
Warmup: Edit the function drawSmiley so that it will draw a smiley face
use these tools

I understand functions and can write my own
Recap of functions
Functions together - starter code
App Lab Assignments
Finish 3-2
fri Text Warmup- Meets 1, 2: Exceeds 1,2
Lego Friday

Week5: 2/27/23>

day activity assignment

welcome back - Handshake problem

AI: eminem cats

ECS2-2 Networking

Objective: I understand timing to make things happen at intervals in a program

Start 3-1

App Lab Assignments
Start 3-1
tues snow day  
Objective: I understand the advantages of different network types
Warmup: worksheet (ascii table)
notes lesson 1/2 groupings
More on 3-1
  • stopping timer (together from Monday)
videos for those who need more help:
  • moving button around screen(starting at 16:00-27:00)
  • stopping after 10 moves (starting at 33:00)
  • when button clicked (starting at 5:40)
  • App Lab Assignments
    Finish 3-1
    thurs Typing Thursday -  warmup (login first)
    notes lesson 1/3
    Internet simulator (v2) (If you are not in Google Classroom (join code is : 5hnfw3q)


    Text Coding: Meets 1/2/3, Exceeds 1,2 - Super Exceeds

    Objective: I can describe the purpose of redundancy in routing.

    Notes - Routers (groupings)

    Internet simulator

    SQL Certificate



    Finish 1-3 on SQL Certificate

    Week4: 2/13/23

    day activity assignment
    mon Puzzle
    BMI Video
    Work on 2-2 (Formula, levels)
    video about screens (helpful for 2-2 extra)
    App Lab Assignments
    Start 2-2
    tues Objective: I understand lossless and losey compression
    Activity 1, 2
    Finish 2-2 BMI (notes)
    ChatGPT - start @2 minutes
    Objective: I can create a webpage in html using basic tags


    Start webapp

    Do and submit Website 1st Version
    The website needs to have real content and a message.
    For a 3: you need to have 3 different tags
    For a 4: do 3 more different tags(for 4, you need an image)
    thurs Search wars 3:30 or video
    Objective: I can use CSS to style a webpage.
    Activity 2
    An example
    Most common properties
    Advanced - add div tags
    Submit Website 1 / with CSS
    fri Bing Chat
    Kahoot review on text coding
    Text Coding p0, p1,p2,p3  Exceeds(try Logic 1) (others)
    Finish Lego - see last week

    Week3: 2/6/23

    day activity assignment
    mon Objective 1: I understand how numbers could transmit text
    Warmup Activity notes
    Objective 2: More practice with variables (including outputing them) and if/else statements
    Starter code: 1-4
    For those who need more help on projects here are notes for 1-2 and 1-3 and 1-4
    App Lab Assignments
    Finish and Submit 1-4
    tues Typing Tuesday -  warmup (login first, then do Getting Started)
    If you are not in Google Classroom (join code is : 5hnfw3q)
    Objective: I understand how numbers could transmit BW images notes
    binary picture
    Warmup Activity
    Text coding
    Make up any missed work.
    Real World Programming - OrangePasses
    Warmup text coding meets/exceeds (extra)

    Practice variables together
    Start 2-1
    App Lab Assignments 2-1
    thurs Objective: I understand how numbers could transmit color images
    Pixeled image
    Binary picture activity

    Finish 2-1 (Notes 2-1)
    fri Notes 2-1
    Spike Prime APP (cool videos, 2)
    Tutorial - click get started
    Kiki the dog




    Week2: 1/30/23

    day activity assignment
    mon notes (1-2- information)
    Random Colors (rgb intro (up to 2:30), rgb slider)
    Add random color: Submit project
    Beta test - ReachMyTeach development
    App Lab Assignments
    Finish 1-1, start 1-2?
    tues Typing Tuesday (signup, take 3 minute test) put results in Google Classroom (if you have not joined, code is : 5hnfw3q
    Objective: I understand conditionals (if/else statements)

    Red light/green light

    • submit
    • Stress naming ID appropriately
    • if/else
    • hidden (hide/show)
    More work on app lab
    student doing good/badly
    Start typing lessons - do 15 minutes worth
    App Lab Assignments 1-2
    notes (1-3- triangle/circles) worksheet
    App Lab Assignments 1-2 - Finish and Submit
    thurs Objective 1: I understand the binary system
    Intro Activity notes Binary (worksheet/flippy do)
    Objective 2: I understand how variables can be useful in computer programming
    Learning Center today (IBEC Creative)
    App Lab Assignments
    Start 1-3
    fri new seats
    Binary day 2 (video), worksheet
    hexidecimal, binary point
    Finish Applab 1-3
    App Lab Assignments
    Finish 1-3

    Week1: 1/23/23

    day activity assignment
    intro day  

    Students learn to design and evaluate solutions and to apply computer science to solve problems through the development of algorithms and programs.

    (ice breakers)


    Lego Activity


    • algorithm (video)
    • bug/debugging
    • sequencing

    intro to applab

    Join google classroom (code: 5hnfw3q) and do survey

    App Lab Assignments
     HW1- Angry Birds during Learning Center

    fri ice breakers
    Revisit Lego Activity (plate)
    notes on applab
    Back to Applab together
    App Lab Assignments - finish 1-1 (we will talk about submitting next week) @2022