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notes previous (09/07/06) submit the dump links  

Week16: 1/7/07

day activity assignment
mon final project intro  
tues images in classes  
thurs timer  



Week15: 12/10/07

day activity assignment
mon Array class activity  
tues Array HW, notes on mp3 Array HW
wed Array practice 2  
thurs Array practice 3 - with students  
fri Array Practice 3- continued  



Week14: 12/3/07

day activity assignment
mon Pong project due thursday  
tues Pong project due thursday  
wed Pong project due thursday Pong project due friday
thurs Pong project due thursday Pong project due friday
fri Arrays  


Week13: 12/3/07

day activity assignment
mon no school  
tues HWJ12_Clock  
wed Classes - intro, using,  
thurs class example HWJ13_Kennel
fri buffer graphics Pong


Week12: 11/26/07

day activity assignment
mon puzzle  
tues key listener HWJ10_Keys
wed timing HWJ11_Timing


Week11: 11/19/07

day activity assignment
mon   Paintbrush due 11/26
tues Fonts Paintbrush due 11/26
wed no school  


Week10: 11/12/07

day activity assignment
mon no school  
wed CRAPS-DUE, Mouse Input  
thurs Dialog boxes, more on mouse HWJ10_Mouse
fri Mouse motion Paint Brush project


Week9: 11/5/07

day activity assignment
mon Methods HWJ8_Methods
tues more method practice  
wed random hwj9_random
fri   CRAPS


Week8: 10/29/07

day activity assignment
mon reviewed findAvg HWJ7 -due Wed
tues Applet Intro HWJ7 -due Wed
wed Submit Project Online - BMI Calculator  
thurs BMI Calculator, Math Class, Decimal Formatting BMI Calculator
fri Sample activity  


Week7: 10/22/07

day activity assignment
mon fill out survey, If then statements  
tues   HWJ5
wed Loops  
thurs more on loops HWJ6


Week6: 10/15/07

day activity assignment
mon Output, Primitive Data HWJ1
tues proper coding, Strings, API HWJ2 -submissions instructions
wed no class-psat  
thurs   HWJ3-submissions instructions
fri scanner class, HWJ4


Week6: 10/8/07

day activity assignment
mon no school  
tues Sub - intro to bluej with Mike and Anthony  
wed Intro to Java  
thurs Download, install Bluej, Run simple program, try a slightly more complex example Applet graphics

Week4: 10/1/07

day activity assignment
mon Final alice project  
tues Final alice project-Randy Pousche  
wed Final alice project  
thurs Final alice project  
fri Final alice project - Presentations  

Week4: 9/24/07

day activity assignment
mon Variables, random Alice HW6
tues Random Alice HW6-bug
wed Final alice project Final alice project - DUE MONDAY
thurs Final alice project  
fri Final alice project  

Week3: 9/17/07

day activity assignment
mon Methods Alice HW4-just 2 - Hopping
tues Methods - parameters Alice HW4-just 4,7,10
wed Saving Methods Alice HW4-just 12
thurs User Interaction Alice HW5 - 1,4,12,14
fri Intro to variables Finish above

Week2: 9/10/07

day activity assignment
mon Hardware, History of computing Alice HW1- do tutorial and all exercises
tues Key computer people  
wed Software, Java, Intro to Alice Alice HW2 - questions 3-5
thurs Article on HD., Vehicle in Alice Alice HW2- question 6
fri Loops, Conditions, Functions Alice HW3

Week1: 9/6/07

day activity assignment
thurs introduction  
frid requirements, add student survey