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Week3: 9/15/14

mon Scratch last day - survey  

Okay, really last day in scratch

Projects due tomorrow (Rubric)

Rubric 15 points:

  • Clearly put it 3 days of work - 6 points
  • it works - 3 points
  • uses variables - 1 point
  • efficient code - 1 point
  • sprites named appropriately - 1 point
  • fun/creative/original - 3 points



Add projects to Borlands studio

Show off projects

Vote (put full title in for choice)

Introduce Alice - 5 more days?

Download alice



Software Languages

Topics in Alice:

  • quad view
  • Do statements
  • methods
  • orient
  • vehicle
  • turn to face/point
  • move to/toward

Java advantages


  • as seen by
  • vehicle
  • functions - distance to
hws (do section 2)

Intro to java simple program

Sample Code


  • math functions
  • Loops, while


hws (be up to 3-3)


Week2: 9/8/14

day activity assignment

Create an account (join) and login

Scratch powerpoint

quick survey

hwscratch-1 finish: (pdf)

  • 1a-quadrilateral
  • 1b- multicolored rectangle

More scratch action:

  • multiple flags
  • when key pressed
  • Costume change
  • multiple sprites (both new and import)
  • backgrounds
  • random
  • forever/repeat
  • if on edge


  • 1c-triangles
  • 1d-circle
  • 1f-Advanced - olympics


  • procedures (functions)
  • if then else statements

All in one project:

  • 2a - Create a ball that bounces around the screen. Have it start in the center, then move in a random direction. if it hits an edge have it bounce.
  • 2b - Create a paddle that the user can move left and right using the arrow keys
  • 2c - If the ball hits the paddle, have it bounce.
  • 2d - Add a variable for some purpose (maybe keep track of how many times it hits the paddle, or something)
fri Your own scratch final project. You will have 2(maybe 3) days to work on anything you want in scratch and it will be graded out of 12 points. Rubric comes soon. Bonus points for most creativity, most fun to play, most impressive and funniest.  


Week1: 9/2/14

day activity assignment


npr story jobs



Introduction, requirements (to sign with academic honesty)



paper airplanes - instructions / plane


Try it out:

Scratch (video)play with it

AppInventor (video) play with it

Alice (video) (download here)

BlueJ (video) try it out - click start bluej



student survey p2

Key people and ideas

Alice HW1 (password and username is school name lower case)

Bring in your work on a flashdrive, or email.

Download alice here



Warmup in scratch:

  • folow the tutorial
  • have the cat walk in a square
  • bonus: have the cat walk in a circle (or what looks like a circle)

Hardware lession


Computer dissection sheet from class