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Final Project


Let the games begin. This is your chance to go wild. You will have 7 full class days to create anything your little heart desires. You can create anything you can imagine (if you imagine doesnt go much beyond the 2d world). It could be a game or an application. You will be able to work in groups (as many as 3 people, you will be graded seperately).

There are too many ideas to list, but if you are struggling with ideas, see Mr. Borland.

Appropriateness - I probably am pretty lax on this. My requirements is that it is nothing that I legally would have to report you for - ie no excessive (or realistic) violence, no curses, pornography, or offensive/hateful language.

See last year projects here, previous here, or previous projects here


Due Date: The end of the semester - 1-28 - Finals Day


  • 40 point project for this quarter
  • It will also count as your final test, (10% of your overall grade).

The 100 points possible are divided up as follows: See the rubric here

  • Project approval form - 10 points
  • Classwork- 25 points - you are focused in class everyday and working on relevant material.  This is very independent based activity so you will need to be responsible. If you spend all of class surfing the web or playing on your phone your grade will reflect this.
  • Coding style and commenting - 10 points
    • 3 points indenting
    • 3 points proper variable names
    • 4 points commenting
  • Project design - 10 points - is it not unnecessarily drawn out; ie doing things efficiently.
  • Using object oriented programming - put project in classes. Methods are used - 10 points.
  • Success of game or application - is it good to play, is it interesting, is it attractive - 30 points.
    • does the game/app work completely - 10 points (I would rather have something that works than a small piece of somethign you are not done with)
    • is it as interesting as you could do - 5 points
    • was the project worthy of 7 classes of your work - 15 points
    • graphically is it as good as you could do - 5 points

Approval - 10 points: - Start with the form here - you will print it out and hand in. An example of the class structure is here.

  • Get your project approved by me by start of class - Tuesday Jan 15. I want to sign off on your project to make sure it is do-able. Remember you are working in a programming language, not a game design system. Intensive graphical things are next to impossible. Set reachable goals. You will need to have an intro (who, what) and a description of each class (with fields and methods)
    • Rubric 10 points total
      • intro - value 5 points - for clear and coherent description, with possible url references or screen shots. Short one or 2 sentences are two vague. Be clear.
      • classes - 5 points - total.
        • 5 points - thought out well and def. thought and consideration provided.
        • 4 points - class thought out well, although one or two major components missing.
        • 3 points - obviously rushed and not thought out clearly
        • 1 point - classes missing and most components missing

Plan ahead

  • You will want to dive into the project, but a good programmer plans everything out ahead of time. What classes he will have, what each class will need to do and checks it along the way.

Class structure:

  • Nearly everyday till the end of the term will be you working individually on your project and I will be circulating for help. Remember that no one will have the same project as you so it will be difficult to get help on specifics from other people.
  • On some days I will lecture for all on relevant topics - ie 2d arrays, files, applet vs jframe

Good luck - Im psyched to see what you come up with.