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Week19 1/11/10

day activity assignment
mon MLK  
tues Final Project, audio EXTRA CREDIT
wed Final Project  
thurs No class  
fri Final project due, Rate projects - bl3, bl4, Complete end of year survey; Final Projects

Week19 1/11/10

day activity assignment
mon Tic-Tac-Toe, Intro to Final Project  
tues Final Project  
wed Final Idea approval form must be submitted  
thurs Final Project  
fri Final Project  


Week18 1/4/10

day activity assignment
mon Review days 1  
tues Review days 2 - do 9 problems from Strings 2, Arrays 2 and Logic 2 with at least 2 from each section.  
wed Warmup / Tic-Tac-Toe  
thurs warmup Images, Tic-Tac-Toe  
fri Tic-Tac-Toe  


Week17 12/21/09

day activity assignment

Student Activity DAY 3

tues FUN DAY  


Week16 12/14/09

day activity assignment
mon Pong Pong (due tomorrow)
tues Arrays, HWJ15 -array activities
wed Array HW Array HW



Student activity



Create a new class called GradeBook in the same project that has Student. This class will have an array size 4 of Student(s). In the constructor public GradeBook() method initialize 4 students with any names. Add a few grades to each and have it print out their info.


Student activity



Week15 12/7/09

day activity assignment

Intro class activity

Classes - intro, declaring and using, example,


do 3,4

buffer graphics

wed SNOW DAY  
thurs Pong Pong
fri Pong Pong


Week14 11/30/09

day activity assignment
mon parsing data,  
tues timing HWJ13_Timing

more timing, hw14


thurs Proj Mouse in the House game Proj Mouse in the House game
fri Proj Mouse in the House game Proj Mouse in the House game - due mon


Week13 11/23/09

day activity assignment
mon key listener HWJ12_Keys
tues HWJ12_Keys  


Week12 11/16/09

day activity assignment

Dialog Boxes, PaintBrush

tues PaintBrush PaintBrush
wed PaintBrush PaintBrush - due tomorrow
thurs PaintBrush PaintBrush - due tomorrow
fri puzzle  


Week11: 11/9/09

day activity assignment
mon Finish blackjack  


Create an applet where a circle will appear in a random location on the screen each time it is run.

Also in the lower right corner of the screen have it display the coordinates of the point.

Mouse Input

HWJ10 - finish 5 activities from Mouse Input

Count the number of times the user clicks and display this as drawString (clearing the previous time)

Mouse motion,

HWJ11 - finish all MouseInput activities and also Mouse motion activities.


Week10: 11/2/09

day activity assignment
mon Math Class, BMI Calculator, BMI Calculator
tues Methods  

Create a method isPalindrome that takes in a String and determines if it is a palindrome (same forward as backward ie "dad")


HWJ8_Methods (do 6 of 7)

Create a method dice that will return as an int a random roll of the dice. Remember Math.random()



fri BlackJack Notes  


Week9: 10/26/09

day activity assignment


Create a method that will find how much tax you need to pay. Tax is based on income:

public void findTaxesOwed(double income)

That will take in an income for a single filling person and spit out this info:

You need to pay $24,520 in taxes on the $110,000 you earned. That is a tax rate of 22.29%


HW6 - Finish the 4 assignments from bottom of Loops section.

More practice with Loops

Lets do insult from Loops together

wed HWJ6b HWJ6b counts as 2 hws submit online
thurs ProjJ1 ProjJ1
fri Applet intro HWJ7


Week8: 10/19/09

day activity assignment
mon Review hw, HWJ3 More string problems (do 4 of 5)
tues Teamviewer, Scanner, HWJ4 (counts as 2 hws 10 points)
wed subday - continue w/ HWJ4 HWJ4 (counts as 2 hws 10 points)
thurs Submit HWJ4, if then,
fri   HWJ5


Week7: 10/13/09

day activity assignment
tues install Bluej,intro to applet/app  
wed No class  
thur Review printing, Primitive Data HWJ1 all but last
fri proper coding, strings HWJ2 HWJ3


Week6: 10/5/07

day activity assignment
mon Article, Final alice project Final alice project
tues Final alice project Final alice project

Final alice project Presentations, Survey,


fri Computers Down  


Week5: 9/28/07

day activity assignment
mon Bug, Alice project 1 Alice project 1
tues Alice project 1 Alice project 1
wed Alice project 1 Alice project 1
thurs Alice project 1 Alice project 1 Due before class Fri
fri Final alice project FINAL PROJECTS ARE HERE BL3/ BL4


Week4: 9/21/07

day activity assignment

Read article

Methods - parameters, saving classes

Saving new classes

  • Create a scene with 3 people or animals and a beachball in the middle.
  • Create a method rollTowards that takes in a parameter objectToRollTowards
  • Have the ball roll towards that object
  • In myFirstMethod, have the ball roll towards each object.
  • Add a parameter numOfSpins that will determine the spin on the ball.
Alice HW6- 7,10,12

Read about the Netflix Prize and here

User Interaction

  • Create a scene on the moon with a torus (under shapes).
  • Create a method spinSize that will spin the torus and at the same time, make it bigger and then smaller.
  • Create a method moveOnTopAnother that is going to take in a parameter another object called secondTorus and it will move that torus on top of the second torus;
  • Save this class and import 3 more of them.
Alice HW7 - 1,4,5
wed Jack the hockey player Alice HW8 - finish hockey player, 12,14

Look at demofall 2009, pick your favorite new tech idea.

Functions, if/else, random

Realistic Roll

Review random numbers:

  1. create a scene where every time space button a ball moves a random distance between 1-4 meters on a black screen
  2. (TOGETHER) create a scene where every time space is pressed the ball moves either left, right, forward,up, down or backward a random distance between 1-4 meters.
  3. Create a scene with a switch (controls-switch). Create a method flipSwitch that whenever the space bar is pressed it will flip from up to down. Create a function isUp that will return true if its up or false if its down.

Review if who==


Review functions




Look at demofall 2009, pick your favorite new tech idea.

See thursday

Alice HW9


Week3: 9/14/09

day activity assignment
mon Software, Java, Intro to Alice Alice HW1- do tutorial and all exercises

Distracted driving, article

Topics in Alice:

  • quad view
  • Objects
  • Do statements
  • methods
  • orient
  • vehicle
  • turn to face/point
  • move to/toward
Alice HW2 (do 3,4,5)

Read article on cordless powering

Follow the following steps, open this document.

Answer the questions and then put it on the dump, saved as your name - cordless.doc

Alice review:

  • asSeenBy
  • math functions



Alice HW3 (do 6 and 1

Article, take a look at

Think of these questions:

  • How many hours a day (outside of class) that you spend on a computer?
  • How much of that time is schoolwork?
  • Do you think this software is necesssary?
  • If you were a parent would you like these products?
  • If you were an employer would you like these products?

Loops, Conditions

  • Create a Japanese scene with a fandancer and 2 naginatas.
  • Have the fandancer walk back and forth between them
  • Have it repeat 2 times
  • Try while loops in that scene have the woman walking between those naginatas. Have here go 1 meter at a time and then wave her fan each time. Repeat wlaking back and forth 3 full times.
Alice HW 4 - finish all problems

Look at this site. In groups of 2, pick one article and give us a brief snyopsis.


  • On your own, create a scene with a row boat.
  • Make a method lookout that will cause the look guy to move his head back and forth
  • Create a method row that will make the rower row the boat.
  • Have the boat be rowed and have the lookout happen forever in the fog.


Alice HW5-2,4


Week2: 9/8/09

day activity assignment
tues Computer hardware hw
wed Computer history, people and ideas  

Programming our calculators

fri Programming our calculators HW finish 5 of 8


Week1: 9/4/09

day activity assignment
friday Introduction, requirements, add student survey (bl3, bl4)