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Strings (lines of text) [ ie "My name is Jeff"] - API HERE

- String is an object (a predefined class). This means it has special features, like being able to tell length and comparison features

- to declare we are going to use the same way we declared integers:

String myFirstName="Jeff";
String myLastName="Borland";

(note- String is capitalized case, thats b/c it is not primitive data.)


String myWholeName = myFirstName + " " + myLastName; to concate strings (bring together, we use +)


Strings can be manipulated using special methods:



myFirstName.length() returns the value 4

myFirstName.charAt(2) would return the letter f (note: J is letter 0 and so on, in programming you start at 0)



There are lots of other methods for strings in the API here.