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HWJ11_BallDrop - 8 points


Work in groups.

  • Create a program where a ball drops from the top (at a random x location), each time bouncing 1/2 the distance it dropped.
  • When the ball stop moving (or appears to), have it reset (have a new ball fall)
  • Have a timer in a textfield that keeps track of how long it drops each time. So that when it changes direction, the timer resets. we will add this tomorrow.




Basic - minimum, advanced must do at least one

  • Have it be influenced by gravity (goes faster and faster going down and opposite going up)
  • Have it have a random x movement and have it bounce of the walls.
  • Have a slider that will change the elasticity of the ball (how much it will bounce)
  • Make it so 3 balls drop, all with random initial drop speeds.
  • Something else of your own mind (ie make it a game)