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Quiz 3a - Languages and Errors



1. What language is IPhone programmed in?




Objective C and Swift


2. What kind of error occurs when the user forgets to put a semicolon or types a word wrong

compile time

run time

logical error

no error


3. True or false: If a program has a problem with its semantics it will not compile. true false


4. True or false: A good programmer never makes logical errors. true false



5. Which of the following are characteristics of Java:

I. It compiles its code into bytecode.

II. It is architecture neutral.

III. It is a purely object oriented language.






6. This would be an example of what type of error

int list[] = new int[4]; //i created a list that holds 4 ints.

int total = list[5]/0;

Compile time

Run Time

Logical error

No error


7. Java compiler translates source code into:

Machine Language

Assembly Language

Java Bytecode

There is no such thing as a java compiler