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Abstract Classes Questions

Start with this example - you can work with a neighbor and submit by email to borlaj@portlandschools.org with subject line quiz22a.

Quiz22a (For all of these, you can put them in Bluej)

  1. What method/methods must a class that extends StaffMember override? (list all)
  2. What method/methods must a class that extends Employee override? (list all)
  3. If we had a Volunteer Lydia, what methods can you call on it?(list all)
  4. Explain what the first line of the constructor of hourly employee does.
  5. Explain what the line super.pay() does in the pay method of Executive.
  6. If you have a Volunteer Lydia and an Hourly employee named Elliot, what methods would you be able to call on both of them?(list all)



import java.util.*;
public class HR
    private ArrayList<StaffMember> allWorkers=new ArrayList<StaffMember>();

    public HR()

		   StaffMember s1=new StaffMember("Jeff","36 Runnells","342-2343","053-62-0062",300);

        allWorkers.add(new Employee("Elliot","34 park","234-2222","342-11-0343",500));
        allWorkers.add(new Employee("Abukar","22 Main","359-8832","853-72-8672",350));
        allWorkers.add(new Hourly("Wilder","219 Deering","981-9402","053-33-8312",12));
        allWorkers.add(new Executive("Ahmed","45 Brighton","766-7767","323-03-2119",850));
        allWorkers.add(new Volunteer("Lydia","1004 Forest","720-8847"));