Sports Teams

Matt made this file for GameOn that gives a team, stadium and its lat/long
You are going to start with this file.
Currently it reads in from the file and just prints it out.
Instead, you are going to:
  1. Create a class Team that keeps track of name,city,state,park, and latitude/longitude (doubles).  Also have a variable isUsed which originally is false (have a getter for this). Have a method getQuestion that will return the team as a question "Where do the Marlins play?", this will make isUsed is true.
  2. In Game, create a data structure that will be filled in the constructor with teams.
  3. Create a method, findRandom() that will return a random Team that has not been used yet.
  4. Create a method findUsed that will return as an ArrayList all Teams that have been used.