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You will need to download the IDE.


Labs (at the end of each lab, have me check you off - here):

  1. LED lab (link)
    • a. Get 1 led to light up as shown in example - use your breadboard.
    • b. Get 2 leds to light up
    • c. Get 2 leds to light up alternating (red,green,red, green)
    • d. Make a stop light 1 second green, .25 second yellow 1 second red repeat
  2. Buttons (link)
    • a. Do the example
    • b. Using if statements, get an led to turn off when an button pressed
    • c. Challenge : Make the button switch act like an on/off switch. So if the button is pressed it will stay on, and when the button is pressed again it will turn off.
  3. Potentiometer (link)
    • a. Do the example
    • b. Light 0,1,2,3 leds depending on the potentiometer (so maybe 0-255 lights 0 leds, 256-511 lights 1, etc)
    • c. Keep above and add a button that will turn on/off the leds (ie so that button pressed and potentiometer is between 256-511 it turns on one led. If you press the button again, led is now off).
  4. PWM Pulse width modulation (link)
    • do the example
    • add a potentiometer so that the strength of the led is based on the potentiometer (so 0 is off and 1023 is full on).
  5. 7 Segment LED (link)
    • have it light up any number you want
    • add a potentiometer so that it will display 0-8 depending on the knob.
  6. LCD panel (link)