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Start with BankAccount


  1. Create a subClass of BankAccount called FreeChecking which gives no Interest. It will keep track of check number (starting at 1001). It will have a method writeCheck which will be like withdrawl, but take in a name of who the check is to and amount. It will also increment check number. Have it print out Check 1005 sent to Don Murphy for $500.
  2. Create a subClass of SavingsAccount called CDDeposit that works like a CD deposit account. This does not allow for withdrawls (if they try to withdrawl - have it system out - sorry you cant withdrawl from a CD account).
  3. Add another subClass of BankAccount called StockMarketAccount that will allow the user to keep track of one stock.
  • It will extend Account with the same functionality.
  • They will need to store the stock's name, price, and quantity of that stock that they own. Ie "GE" $42 each stock and they have 20 issues of that stock. The constructor will also take in this info (along with name, balance).
  • Their toString will be the same information as before, plus info about the stock they have.
  • It also will include methods to addStocks(int numOfStock). This will transfer money from the account to to issue of stock). So if they had $1000 in balance and buy 4 issues of stock with price $50. Their new balance is $800 plus 4 issues of stock $50. If they dont have enough money it prints out sorry you cant afford to purchase that much.
  • sellStocks(int numOfStock) - this does the opposite. If they dont have enough stock, then it will print that out.
  • updatePrice(double price) which changes price of stock.

Add to BankingSystem:

		FreeChecking acct3=new FreeChecking("Jacob",500);
		acct3.writeCheck ("Don Murphy",45.55);
		acct3.writeCheck ("Peter Pan",52);		
		BankAcct acct4=new CDDeposit("Jacob",500);
		System.out.println(acct4);//should be the same as above
		//this would create jims account with a balance of $500 and having 4 issues of IBM stock at $35.50 each
		StockMarketAccount acct5 = new StockMarketAccount ("Jim", 5000, "IBM", 35.50, 4);