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Warmup:Which do you prefer, reading or infographic?  Why?  What are similarities and differences?  

Student Directions:  Look for an infographic that you find "appealing" using the links below. Read and interpret the infographic.

Fill out this form with your partner when you are done.


Your project: Using your id,

  • Research a topic in Portland or Maine or anything and try to seek out differences, statistics, and data. Infographics aim to allow the reader to draw conclusions. Have at least 2 charts of some kind.
  • Get some data that you can make a graph of
  • Draw a rough sketch of the infographic
  • Decide on a web tool to use in order to create project - Piktochart - example
  • Make sure to cite all sources!

Topic ideas:

Rubric: This counts as a project 9 point project

  • 2 charts (pie graph, picture graph, bar graph, etc) - 4points
  • text explaining - 2 points
  • pictures or extras (flow chart) - 2 points
  • clean presentation 2 points
  • sources cited - 1 point


Ideas on how to make them: