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Project 1 - Deering's sending schools

IMPORTANT FIRST STEP: In your group, one person first - click the data link (data 9th-12th grade) make a copy of it and then share that (with edit permissions) with each person in your group.


Each of you will take one grade and create

  1. Basic numerical summaries:
    • find the average NWEA score for the entire grade
    • find the average NWEA score for each middle school
    • find the average NWEA for each gender
  2. pie graph of the gender breakdown (so percent male and female) for the grade
  3. bar graph of the sending schools
  4. two way table for gender and sending school for average score (so it might look like this [first table])
  5. pie graph for the NWEA classifications (see below) for the entire grade
  6. histogram
  7. of nwea scores
  8. Create concluding insights from above

Now put everyone's research together in one google slideshow. (example slide) Try to make it as uniform as possible. Together write one slide with concluding statements about what you have learned, comparing all grades (have a time series graph comparing years)


At the top of the document put names and what grade each person worked on.


Send me with everyones names and emails and a link to the slideshow



Computer Notes:



This is going to be a 10 point project. 1 point for each bullet above and 1 point for putting it all together, 1 point for concluding statements, 1 point for email it as directed.





NWEA Classifications:

NWEA below grade level 230, Around grade level 230-239 Above grade level 240+



Extra credit: Create a frequency distribution table for scores (+1 point)

+1 time series graph for different schools (all on one graph)