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Project 1 - Deering's sending schools

You will take the 9th grade and find

  1. Basic numerical summaries:
    • find the average NWEA score for the entire grade
    • find the average NWEA score for each middle school
    • find the average NWEA for each gender
  2. pie graph of the gender breakdown (so percent male and female) for the grade
  3. bar graph of the sending schools
  4. pie graph for the NWEA classifications (below 230 below grade level, 230-239 at grade level, 240+ above grade level) for the entire grade
  5. Create concluding insights from above

Computer Notes:



This is going to be a 10 point project. 1 point for each bullet above and 1 point for putting it all together, 1 point for concluding statements, 1 point for email it as directed.





NWEA Classifications:

NWEA below grade level 230, Around grade level 230-239 Above grade level 240+



Extra credit: Create a frequency distribution table for scores (+1 point)

+1 time series graph for different schools (all on one graph)