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Programming activity:


Start with this project.

You will need to create the following methods. Notice the constructor automatically initializes 50 cars, although the array holds 60 cars.

Add the methods:

  • printAllSales ()
  • printWorkerSales (String workersName)
  • findSale (taking in argument of sale price) that will return the first Sale that has that price
  • deleteWorkerSales (String workersName) that will delete all sales done by this worker
  • decreaseAllSalePrice() that will decrease all sale prices by $50
  • public ArrayList<Sale> getTopSales (int profit) that will return as an arraylist all sales that have a profit greater than or equal to profit
  • sortByProfit
  • sortByDate - extra credit
  • sortByName - extra credit
  • public Sale[] getTopTen() that will return as an array the top ten sales by profit. [use sortByProfit first] -extra credit

Rubric 10.5 point project (1.5 points each)