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Inheritance Warmup



Create a classes Dog and Cat that extend Animal. Update talk,species and with relevant info.


Have a method in Cat and Dog - toHumanYears (which will print out how many years that animal is in human years [dog is 7yrs, cats is 4 yrs]).


Create a new subclass of Dog called PoundDog that will extend Dog. Its constructor will initialize a dog but only have weight and visableAge (as a String (they will put in - puppie, young, middle age, old) . The name will automatically be set to "Unknown", the age is -1.

Override the talk command so that it calls the talk of the dog class then, "please take me home, I dont want to be put down :<"


Create a new method beg that will beg, that will return "give me more"

Override toString so that it returns - "This 12lb pound dog is a puppie, and is of unknown age."

Override the eat so it will do the dogs eat then beg, then have it do dogs eat with 1/2 as much food.